Who's Ananth Pranav?

Who am I? or What am I? Nonetheless, both are the same. Ananth Pranav is a person and a brand as well. For now, let me go with the first person perspective. I am a graphic designer, website developer, game designer and an entrepreneur with an immense passion and drive to change the way people think about conventional brands. Fortunately, in my early stages of entrepreneurship, I realized that a “brand” is something we need to make people believe and love. I also realized that e-commerce is the one of the many wonderful things through which we could make the brand reach to the customers of varied interest. Of all the books that I’ve read, the only thing that WAS and IS the most significant for a company’s success is the CUSTOMER’s SATISFACTION. And entrepreneurs love recognition. So when you develop an affinity towards this brand, I want you to know who was responsible for that affinity. So, I chose to keep my name as my brand.

Since then, my passion and drive towards my goals increased profusely. Creating a what I call “Brand of satisfaction” is my goal and since I am a web developer, I was good at developing websites. So (as you’ve probably guessed it), without a second thought I started a STUDIO to make this amazing aforementioned “Brand of satisfaction”. This was a big and hard-to-comprehend leap of faith, but I loved it. Each and every day, when I saw the brand’s popularity and the sales surging up, my faith increased and so was my interest and passion. And now, here I am. My name, Your brand. If you’ve already bought it, thanks. If you didn’t, thanks in advance.